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        We are First Baptist Church of Greenacres, a small congregation of Christ Followers who practice our faith under the traditional Southern Baptist Doctrine, although everything we preach and teach comes directly from the living word of God. We have formed in the small city of Greenacres over seventy years ago and we still bring seekers to Christ within the much bigger city of Greenacres today.


        Our biggest mission is to help those in our community by showing the Love of Christ in all that we do and all whom we serve. We are not a church of judgment, but rather one who will accept you as you are. We aim to support individuals in growing and maintaining their personal relationship with Jesus Christ rather than what many think of as "religion."

        We serve our community in various ways through the ministries of our church. You can find out more by clicking Our Ministries above. We invite you to get connected by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page or by stopping by in person so that we can meet you face-to-face. We hope to Worship with you soon at this "Place of Grace."

Contact Us

Contact us


201 Swain Blvd.,

Greenacres, FL 33463

Office Hours

By Appointment Only


561.964.3115 | Office

561.292.0835 | Fax

561.200.5561 | Pastor

Sunday Ministry Hours

Morning Bible Study | 9:30 am

Morning Worship | 11:00 am(In-Person & Online)

Wednesday Ministry Hours

Business Meeting | 6:00 pm Last Wednesday of the Month

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